Sunday, 7 April 2013

Normal A-Z service will resume shortly.

Just wanted to pop on and say hello!  Hope it is as sunny for you as it is for me today.  So excited by this gorgeous, and long awaited, spring-like weather!  So excited that I completely ran out of time to write my F post yesterday, but worry not I have finally thought of my topic.  It will be a little later yet though, my friend is visiting me and I have to hurry up and get ready to go meet her.  Super exciting to have a visitor, I even baked a cake!

Yesterday I got distracted by sunshine, impromptu shopping (naughty naughty) and playing Cranium at a pub with my housemate and her friends (I was the token Brit and knew maybe 2 answers to the all the British related factual questions, patriotic fail).

Have a super day and bis bald.



  1. hope you enjoyed your visitor and cake!

    1. Thanks, both were great thanks. Really good to see my friend. Hope you had a lovely weekend :)