Wednesday, 3 April 2013

And the nominees are...

Before I write my post for the letter C in the A-Z Challenge, I needed/wanted to share this!

It appears that the lovely Katy at Just Pirouette and Carry On has nominated me for a Liebster Blog award!

Now, I'm not 100% sure how this works, but she's listed some questions that I need to answer, so here it goes:

1.  What was the first single or album you owned?
Well, this is both an excellent and a cringe "yes, I really bought that" story.  One day, many moons ago when I was maybe 15/16, I was in a shopping centre when I ended up being asked a question in front of the WHOLE shopping centres by a local radio personality.  It was a really simple question, literally "what did Little Miss Muffet eat?"  Well, (duh) "curds and whey" was my answer.  And, as a reward for turning a truly beautiful shade of scarlet, I received a voucher for HMV.  So, off I plodded, to the music store and purchased two CDs.  One was Bon Jovi Crossroads and the other was Meatloaf Bat out of Hell 2.  And, you know what, I loved them, still love them and think they were a fine choice.  In fact, it was after those that my musical taste deteriorated rather rapidly....

2. What do you have recurring dreams about?
Oh lordy.  I don't have any of those cool dreams, you know the ones where you're flying.  I also rarely have nightmares, phew!  I do, however, have recurring anxiety dreams whereby my teeth are either simply falling out or I am pulling them out.  The dreams are not hugely distressing, I think I have gotten used to them, but I do wake up checking all my teeth are still in their correct places...

3. What was your nickname at school, and why?
This links back to a post I did a while back, a "5 facts you don't know about me" post.  At school, certainly for the first 2-3 years of secondary school, I was that girl that the boys teased and then ran away from (all the while glancing over their shoulders to make sure I was chasing them).  What usually happened was that I caught up and then kicked their shins...  Yes, I have a brother.  Now, I had several nicknames during this period.  The ones I can remember are as follows; Terminator (I know), Lambo (as in Rambo, get it), Hamlet (I held up a skull in art class and there was a poster from the play, blah de blah...), Abigali (something to do with garlic somehow) and A-big-whale.  There were no doubt others.  My favourite nickname ever was the one my kindergarten children gave me when I was in Seoul, simply because they couldn't say Abigail.  They called me Alligator teacher and I loved them for it.

4. Have you ever had road rage?
The real answer to this is probably no.  Disappointing I know.  This is not to say that I have never gotten miffed at another driver, or even worse a cyclist, but I could never remember where my horn was.  So, usually, by the time I had figured that out (on the end of my indicator stick, how useless is that) and my car had made a pathetic attempt at a beep, all the fire had gone out of me and the offending driver would be long gone.  Highly unsatisfactory.  Now, road hysterics is another matter entirely...

5. What can't you leave the house without?
Gosh, I would have to say either my headphones for my ipod/Blackberry (new fangled phone means I can have music on it and carry one less item) or my camera.  Actually, the former is probably the more important at the moment.  I am a classic Walkman/Discman generation child, I cannot bear walking around without something to distract me from my surroundings.  I have that paranoid "everyone is looking at me, do I have something stuck to my face?"  feeling otherwise.  I am also a classic "walk really fast to loud music when angry" person.

6. What song can you sing from start to finish without checking the words?
Easy peasy.  "Someday I'll be Saturday night" by Bon Jovi.  I love this song, it is my theme tune, and it was my go to Noraebang (Karaoke) song in Seoul.  It is guaranteed to cheer me up and relax me.  I hasten to add, that I can't sing at all and it probably sounds atrocious, but in my head I'm a rock star.

7. Ever chatted up a stranger?  Dish!
This question is so you Katy!  Is it really sad that I can't think of a good situation where I made the first, bold move?  The only time I can think of resulted in a major mistake in the affairs of the heart.  I did, however, end up chatting with a guy for an hour or so, in the middle of the night on a train going to Scotland.  I was going on a field trip with my uni, our first, and we were making the mammoth journey from Cambridge to the Isle of Rum in the Inner Hebrides.  This guy came up to me, because he liked me hair, and we had this really random, and cute, conversation via notepad (as in pen and paper as this was 2003).  His name was Marc.  I actually ended up going to see him in Liverpool a few months later.  After he got off the train that night, must have been 2am or so, we kept in touch by email and then he disappeared.  Me being me, I got super annoyed at being ignored and sent a ranting email (yes, I do feel the shame) but it turns out he had been in Iceland with no internet?  Nothing came of it in the end, but it was all very daring and random at the time.

8. What's your Wu Tang name?
Okay, I need to click on the link you gave for this as I am at a loss!  Apparently it is Victorian Cow?

9. Have you ever danced on the tables?
No, I haven't lived!  I have danced rather "enthusiastically" to Beyonce "Crazy in Love" whilst grabbing on to a pole (fully clothed and a tad intoxicated).  Had it been a table it may have ended with more than just embarrassment the next day... 

10.  Where's your happy place?
Golly, that's a good one.  Right now, these last few weeks, all I have wanted to do is return to Germany and to an alpaca farm I worked on last May.  I went there with WorkAway and stayed for 3 weeks.  Everyday I cleaned out and fed alpacas, ate food, enjoyed sunshine and watched countless episodes of Friends on DVD.  The people were the friendliest and kindest you could ever hope to meet, the alpacas were cute and amusing and their pet dogs were gorgeous.  It was located near a small town about an hour from Frankfurt, among rolling hills and grapevines.  I long to go there now and clear my head, it was wonderful.

11. Can you do the Macarena?
In a word, no.  I think I know about half of the moves but then I get muddled with "Saturday night" by Whigfield...

I've run out of time for today, but I will post my list of nominations and random questions over the next day or so, going to get my thinking cap on...  Thank you so much Katy, I am loving reading your blog!

Okay, I am going to ask these lovely people some questions:
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1.  What is your favourite snack when feeling peckish?
2.  What is your favourite season and why?
3.  What place is the top of your holiday wish list and why?
4.  Do you have a song that simply forces you to smile/tap your toes/get up and shake your thing, no matter what you may have been feeling before it came on?
5.  Describe one of the best, or most interesting, meals you ever had.


  1. You photos of Korea and gorgeous.

    Well done on the Liebster Award.

    I look forward to reading more of your posts.


    1. Thank you Sharon, that is so nice of you to say so. :)

  2. Wooo! Wooo! Thank you for joining in the fun! I loved reading your answers....

    I want to know more about this alpaca farm though....?

    Kate xx
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

    1. I'll write a post about it some day, maybe after the A-Z? I have been meaning to and I have plenty of photos of the fuzzy beasts to accompany it. You'll understand exactly why I want to go back so much as soon as you see a photo!

      And thank YOU, for nominating me :)