Sunday, 21 April 2013

Excuses excuses...

Okay, I know, it's been over a week now since I last posted for the A-Z challenge, I will finish it and I will catch up.  Whether this happens within the time frame it was supposed to is another thing though.  I have a list of all the topics I was thinking of using, just to prove that it was no spur of the moment decision to participate.


My reasons for being slack?  Having an actual regular social life for the first time in a long time (since returning from ROK) and exploring my options for the next step in this crazy thing called life.  I'm no sudden decision girl.  My decisions may seem obscure and out of the blue but they have rarely been made without extensive thought and analysis.  I say rarely, there are always exceptions to rules.  But to give you an example, it took me 2 years of wondering and thinking to decide to brave going to Korea...

Hope you are all well, super duper sunny here.  I think it may be safe to say that spring has finally arrived, long may it stay.  Have a great rest of your weekend and see you here soon for posts on Jeju Island, K Pop (or Kimchi), Lantern festivals (another one because they are pretty), Myeongdong, and many more (namely the rest of the alphabet).

Bis bald.



  1. Well, I found you from the Challenge even though you are behind-- good luck on catching up! I look forward to returning and reading more, one way or the other. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by Karen! I will post on here soon, the A-Z may take a while yet to complete but I am eager to get some posts done ASAP :)