Tuesday, 26 March 2013

1K baby

1,000, that's ONE THOUSAND, page views!  I'm flabbergasted. Thank you for visiting/following/reading or even accidentally stumbling across my blog.  Although, if you visit/read regularly, or you follow, you get a massive virtual hug of a thank you.  Here's to many more blogging landmarks being achieved.

Taken with my webcam, hence shocking quality!
In case you can't read the other note...

Sunday, 24 March 2013

The last few days in pictures...

Went for a run on Thursday, first one of the year (and in ages).

The "after" shot.
New favourite snack.

The first of the snow, isn't it meant to be Spring?

Breakfast in bed on Saturday.

Snow in the air.
Apple cake (and hot chocolate) in town with a friend.

Daffodils trying their hardest to hold on.
Finally tried out the local Korean restaurant, spicy pork and bibimbap.

Friday, 22 March 2013

The weekend cometh!

I don't know about you, but I am one happy girl!  Today is FRIDAY, which means the weekend is peeking it's beautiful head around the corner and beckoning me to join it.  You shouldn't wish your life away, but I will be happy when 3.30pm comes today (I luckily finish an hour early on a Friday).

Do you have any fun plans for this weekend?  I am seeing a whole host of friends for dinners, lunches and catch ups.  I am also painting eggs with my housemate on Sunday!  And, I hope to do some catching up on my blog reading, feeling horribly out of the loop with everyone, not good.  So I'm thinking, breakfast in bed with my laptop tomorrow?

On a side note, I just have to sing the praises of my housemate.  Our living in this lovely house together, with our on and off live in landlord, has been a real surprise and blessing for me.  She is lovely and the perfect housemate for me right now.  Yesterday, when I had gone down into the kitchen before leaving for work feeling all tired and woe is me, she was a positive and motivational breath of fresh air.  Thanks to her I went for a run after work yesterday, and what a difference it made to how I felt!  Like an instant happy patch.  I was so happy the rest of the evening, after a blurgh day at work, and got loads done.  So, I just had to say a big thank you to the cosmos for putting us in the same house at the same time, she rocks.

Ooh, I watched a fab film last night!  OK, so it's not a real, credible film, but I loved it.  It's called "Stick it" and it's about gymnastics.  My friend Anna and I are partners in crime when it comes to watching bad dance films together, so it may not surprise that I was loaned this film by her.  It was a feel good bit of cheese with some great gymnastics and a kick arse soundtrack (as in Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy).  I'll find you a trailer...

Have a great day everyone. x

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Where for art thou sleep?

I'm tired.  Not just "I could do with an extra hour" tired.  The kind of tired where I would be a risk to everyone around me if I was put in charge of heavy machinery, even a toaster is challenging today. 

I'm a creature of habit, on week day mornings I eat a healthy porridge breakfast.  a) I like porridge, b) I like being healthy.  This morning it seemed an impossible task to complete, so I went for toast.  The first sign of a problem should have been that I had to force the thick end wedge of my loaf of bread into the toaster.  A few minutes later, can you believe it, it refused to come out again!  It was a "tired slap your face with the whole of your hand moment".  If I was a cartoon character I would have done just that, and as my hand slid down my face, it would have pulled my face down revealing the pink of my under eye lids and then it would all have sprung back into place.  I can't explain it well and youtube is not my friend today.

I hope you all slept better than me.  I want to do a post soon about my fabulous weekend.  Until then, here is a classic Donald Duck cartoon to keep you entertained...

Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy Friday

It's raining cats and dogs, but it's FRIDAY and  a fun filled weekend awaits.  Wishing you all a lovely weekend.


Thursday, 14 March 2013

Cream and marshmallows

On Monday evening, I went to see an exhibition with my friend.  It was a small exhibition as part of the Cambridge Uni Science Festival, it showed how coffee could be used to develop photographs.  In theory we were supposed to be able to have a go, but when we got there it was just a corridor with some photos and no obvious place to try our hand at it.  The photos were nice and all, just not what I had expected. But, we were not going to let that spoil our afternoon together.  Instead, it being a cold and dull day, we headed to the Indigo Cafe.  It's a teeny tiny cafe down one of the side streets opposite King's College.  It has 3 tables downstairs and 3 upstairs, with a tiny sofa too.  Half the time I try to go there, there is no room!  We were in luck.  We sat upstairs and indulged ourselves with hot chocolate (with a gazillion marshmallows and an ample squirt of spray cream) and a slice of almond tart/cake to share.  It was the perfect way to end a Monday.

Sorry for the bad quality, it was taken on my Blackberry.

Happy White day!

For anyone that didn't read my Valentine's Day post, take a look and you'll know what I mean by White day.  A day for the ladies to receive sweets/candy and be spoilt!

Take a look here for Cute In Korea's White day post

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

I am on fire today...

At the suggestion, and persistence, of my wonderful cousin at the little nordic cabin I have decided to sign up for the April 2013 A-Z challenge!  

I followed the entries at the little nordic cabin last year and thought it seemed like a fun idea.  From what I've read of the rules, basically you do a post a day over 26 days during April, starting this year on Monday 1st April.  You skip Sundays, they are the sabbath after all, but otherwise you work your way through the alphabet.  The entries need to be about that days letter of the alphabet but are pretty flexible in regards to what you use for the letter (can be an adjective, a thing, a place etc).  Some people choose a theme and some freestyle it.  For example, the one I followed last year was all things Nordic.  It's a really great way to view blogs you might not otherwise view, they ask that you try and look at 5 or more blogs.

So, go on, take a gander at the page and admire the badge I shall pin to my sidebar.  I don't have a definite theme as yet, but it is likely to be travel/Korea related.

Bis bald.


Most days I go for a lunchtime walk "around the block" during my break.  During this walk, I always seem to think of all these AMAZING things I could write a post about.  Okay, AMAZING may be a bit of an exaggeration.  But I do, honestly, think of things people may find interesting and amusing.  The problem is that by the time I get home and actually sit at my laptop, I've plum forgotten what I thought of!

With this in mind, today I thought about how useful a thought recorder would be.  You know, some new fangled device so that you could think your blog posts and then go home and edit them later, maybe by using email and a handy Word formatting?

Anyway, now you know the kind of randomness that swirls around my head at lunchtime.  I hope you enjoyed it.


Some motivational words

I haven't written anything for a long time, it's not because I have gone off blogging and I will get my act together soon!  I'm being a full grown up for the first time in a long time, and it's kinda time consuming.  But, I am working it out and I am brimming with ideas for posts and with ways to make sure I get my butt sat in front of my laptop!

(via Pinterest,

For now though, have these words to motivate you.  It's a WINDY and cold day here and I have to rush out of the door and go to work in 15 minutes.  Have a great day!

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Weekend words

I found the following text through a website I was looking at for work.  It is completely unrelated to my job, but I liked the words and thought someone else might appreciate reading them:

"Goal setting and risk
I just had an interesting talk with a student…She said she really wants success in her life, but not just
financial success, TOTAL success!
She said she wants it all. Money, health, love, happiness, freedom, peace of mind, etc..
And I said "GREAT! Let's do it!"
Then she reached into her sack of armour and defence arsenal and pulled out this weapon...
"But it's risky".
With a confused look on my face I responded, "Of course it's risky. LIFE is risky. You run the risk of
failing, you run the risk of succeeding, and you run the risk of regret no matter what you do."
There have been times I've regretted taking chances, and there have been times I regret not taking
chances. It's ALWAYS a risk no matter what you do (or don't do). But the perspective you take on
what risk means to you holds all the real power.
You have to fast forward through your life and take a good hard careful look at what you truly desire
at your core to answer the one question that should give you clarity on what your actions should be
at this stage of your life.
Go all the way to where you see your life ending, the very last day (hopefully many, many years from
now). What do you regret more?
Working with purpose to create the things you want, the lifestyle you desire to live, even if it took
you ten years to create it and it's hard sometimes or...
Getting to the end of your life and regret never taking the shot at all but staying in a state of
existence where you feel "safe". Wondering how much more you could have been, had, and
experienced in life if you DID take the shot?
There is risk either way. There is risk of regret for taking the shot and missing, or not taking the shot
at all. There's the risk of choking to death while you eat, the risk of a parking garage collapsing on
your head, the risk of a meteorite taking out the entire planet...
Life is full of risk (much of it is irrational) and the only honest advice I can give you is this:
The risk of regret is the heaviest burden to carry because it's over, you missed the chance, and you
cannot go backwards. What you do, what you did, and how you lived will be the last thing on your
mind at the end of your life and if you can build a vision of something that makes you peacefully
smile with beaming pride, satisfaction, and fulfilment at that time, on your last day, THAT is what
you should work towards no matter the risk.
The only way to avoid risk is to not live at all. But you're alive! You can't avoid risk nor should you.
It's really a matter of a simple perspective shift.
Re-define risk. Instead of focusing on the possibility of loss associated with risk, focus on the
possibility of triumphant victory!
Make risk mean triumph. Never lose hope, give yourself permission to not get it right all the time,
let yourself learn along the way, learn to laugh at your mistakes and see them as silly little street
signs that say "oops! That was the wrong way", embrace risk as your friend not your enemy.
Do not let the mistakes you make along the define you!
Let yourself be confident, even in the face of no evidence that you should be confident. Let
yourself find courage in your heart because life is NEVER "safe" as long as you look at risk as the
possibility of loss.
Re-define risk as the opportunity to create victory that fills your soul with pride, fills your heart
with love, floods your head with confidence (let your ego swell a little, it's ok), and cracks open
the greatest magic you have in the deepest part of your core, that part when exposed, makes tears
roll down your cheek from the overwhelming emotional power and clarity of what and who you
REALLY are inside.
When you use the power of perspective to re-define what risk means to you, you change the way
you approach things, you change the way you approach life and you find a new courage, zest, and
excitement to life that most all of us crave to feel in our hearts every day.
So is creating the life you want risky?
Yes, it is.
Is trying to stay "safe" risky?
Yes, it is.
But look at the last day of your life and make your own decision about which holds more risk...
Playing to win or playing not to lose?
There is a huge difference in the two..."

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