Tuesday, 26 February 2013


I hate Mondays.  I know everyone says that, well must be at least 99% of people unless they happen to have Mondays off work...  So, in an act of revolt against it being Monday, last night I made myself a make shift version of the typical English breakfast for dinner.  It gave me a smug "take that Monday!" feeling.  I know, super odd, but I never have things like that for dinner, and never for breakfast on a week day, so for me it was a small act of rebellion.

You can see why it's not the real deal, ham instead of bacon, no tomatoes or mushrooms (yuck to the latter) and it's quite modest in size.  Tasted damn good.
That and a few episodes of Greys Anatomy, and it almost felt like my dull day at my new temp job had never happened.  Now for round 2, Tuesday...


  1. Ohh Abi I'm having one of these days right now haha. It's Tuesday, overslept until 1:30, the sky is rank with dark, gloomy clouds, feeling blah...
    Ham, egg, and tea it is for an uber late breakfast.
    Hope your Monday this week went better! :)

    1. Aww, hey you! Mine did, although I had literally NO work to do at work all day (spent it googling)... Finished my day off with a sugar fix at a cafe with a friend :) Hope your Wednesday goes more smoothly! x