Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Just to cover my arse

Any of you who have read my "5 random facts" post will know that I am a little new to blogging.  

As such, I want to apologise in advance, in case I do anything that goes against blogging etiquette.  I don't quite know the rules, and as such, if I do anything that makes you think "what a plonker" do let me know!  Otherwise I am likely to keep doing it in blissful ignorance, I am very good at that.  

I've added some widgets/buttons/links (whatever they are called) that will take you to blogs that I enjoy following, you can see them on the right below the archive.  Now, I don't think this was a "bad" thing to do, I haven't asked permission, but it looked as though it was something you could just do if you felt like it.  If that was right, fantastic and do go take a look at those blogs because they are good, if it was wrong, let me know.  If you just want to rant at me for no apparent reason, then please don't.  Fair enough?

Thank you in advance for any feedback, and for stopping by my blog.  I received my first comments on this blog yesterday!  Two from two lovely ladies I have recently discovered through blogging, and one from a much loved amiga from South Korea (via Oz).  I just wanted to let you all know that you put a ridiculously big grin on my face, I literally sent my friend a Whatsapp (other instant messaging apps are available) message stating that "I just got my first comments!!!".

Wishing you a happy Tuesday, I'm off to stuff my face with some lunch.



  1. Wow! You got mine, cooooool! I don't think it's an ask permission thing, I never have! I figure they wouldn't be gettable if they shouldn't be got. Or something like that anyway... If you go buttony, shout and I will happily add you to my sidebar :)

    Hope your lunch was good. Face stuffing is one of my absolute favourite activities. I am exceptionally skilled at it, though it takes a long of practice on my part ;)

    Kate x
    Just Pirouette and Carry On...

  2. Phew (let's out a sigh)! Thank you for letting me know! Once I figure out how to do more stuff I will try and make a button, ta very much :)

    I went all out, jacket potato and beans, delish.