Thursday, 30 October 2014

That inevitable question...

Anyone who stumbles upon my blog, especially anyone who previously read my little ramblings, may wonder where I have been.

What started as a summer of love last year unfortunately didn't last.  Scarily it has taken almost the whole 10 months since things were finally called quits to start to feel like I can write this.  I'm not going into details, but I can safely (and sorrowfully) say that I was in love and I didn't want it to end; however looking back, I can see why it did.  As someone said to me recently "the wonders of 20:20 hindsight vision".  This doesn't mean I am over it, unfortunately I think that shall take more time, but I just wanted to explain my absence.

I haven't been spending the last year sitting on my arse doing nothing though, maybe I can bring you up to speed with a review of the year as we head towards the last few months of 2014?

Bis bald.


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