Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Thank goodness for super glue

Yesterday, as I cleaned my glasses shortly after arriving at work, disaster struck!

There I was, happily cleaning away the grime that seems to accumulate on specs, how does it get there and is all that grime on everyone else's faces instead? And ping!  They snapped right in the middle of the bridge!

See, right down the centre.  So, slightly panicked, off I trundled to the local shops to buy some super glue!  As I am ever so slightly blind, I decided to try an even more temporary fix and walked to the shops resembling Harry Potter...

Luckily super glue was found and I now type this whilst wearing those specs.  However, I don't think I can rely on the glue to last and I now have the joyous task of glasses shopping.  True, this can be fun (at least when you have someone with you to take photos of you when you are too blind to really see what the samples look like on your face) but when it is a reluctant replacement it's not so cool.  Here's hoping that Specsavers have some good deals and frames!

Hope you have a more successful start to your days today.

Bis bald.


P.S.  Lots more Lakes photos to come, finally edited them all!

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