Monday, 28 January 2013

About me

Hello, how do you do?  My name is Abi, I'm 30 years old, female and from Britain.  I can't bring myself to saying that I am a woman, and yet I am no longer a girl, truth being that I wish I was 20 again!  But no amount of ranting and raving, or even plastic surgery (perish the thought) will change that fact.

I've been in love with stationery as long as I can remember.  When I was around 6 or 7 I received a load of PINK stationery for my birthday.  I'm not talking about the odd notebook, I mean the whole caboodle!  Pink filing trays, pink rubbish bin, pink hole punch and stapler, a desk organiser....  You name it, I got it (this may be a good moment to admit that I was extremely spoilt in my younger years).  I have a distinct memory of jumping up and down on my parents bed, trying to see what my birthday presents were, as they were stashed away on top of their cupboard.  I don't remember much of my childhood (I have a memory that even a goldfish would poke fun at) but that one has stuck.

I'm a sucker for an optimistic or motivational quote.  I adore Pinterest and have a whole board dedicated to these words of wisdom.  This is not to say that I follow them and am one of those peppy people with a constant grin and a ray of sunshine shining out of their bottom.  Alas, more often than not it has been quite the opposite.

I will never grow out of Disney cartoons and animations (as they are better known nowadays).  I still have my original Disney films on VHS (yes, you read that right, V H S) and I miss when cartoons were drawn by hand and had dozens of catchy songs in them.  I was the child that watched every new film several times within days of ownership and would sing all the songs.  These days I love studio Gibli productions and will still happily rush to the cinema when the latest Pixar film is out.

That is not to say that I am a complete child, though maybe 80%...  I just have a lot of growing up to do.  

What else?

Friends are extremely important to me, I would honestly be lost without them.  The saying that "friends are the family you choose" rings very true for me.  They are my people and I'd do most anything to help out a friend that needed me.  Nine times out of ten I know within moments of meeting someone whether we're likely to be friends or not.  I have, occasionally been proven wrong on this point, but I am generally a good judge of character.  The flip side to this being that if I don't click with someone, or someone irritates me, then I'm not particularly wonderful at hiding it.  A uni friend once called me the transparent woman, which makes me sound awful, but she meant it in a way that my face shows everything, every emotion.

I love to travel, though am an utter nervous Nelly.  I want to see the world, to walk the Inca trails, learn the Argentine Tango in Argentina and go as face to face, as is safe, with a grizzly.  To be fair, I've not done too badly so far.  I have travelled a little, more than some and less than others, but I yearn to do more and live in far flung places.  I spent a year in South Korea and almost 5 months in New Zealand.  I'll write some posts about those if you fancy?

I'm artistic, mainly in temperament than in talent.  Given the chance I will take photos of almost anything and I can be incredibly annoying company when exploring somewhere new.  I am usually the person who has to run to catch up to the main group because I have spotted a pretty leaf.  I recently acquired a DSLR camera and long to be a master photographer.  The truth is that I know absolutely nothing about using it and am next to useless at teaching myself.  This has lead to one of my goals of this year (to be posted another time).  If you bear with me long enough, you will see the truth of this, as I will no doubt post a gazillion photographs.  I like to cover stuff with pretty paper, shoe boxes being a perfect example, and reuse them.  I make lavender bags (with lavender from my mum's garden) and give them to people as presents.  I make my own cards, or in the very least edit ones I have bought.

I ramble, waffle and often digress from the topic at hand.  I don't see this as a truly awful thing, but thought I'd best warn you.

I better take this opportunity to stop writing, otherwise this introduction is likely to go on far too long. 

Bis bald.


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